Why Baiyun

Baiyun venues to host part of 15th National Games

​From Nov 9 to 21, 2025, the highly anticipated 15th National Games is scheduled to be held in Guangzhou.



Baiyun conference focuses on low-altitude economy, UAV development

​On July 5, a meeting was held in Baiyun district, Guangzhou, aimed at promoting the high-quality development of the low altitude economy and accelerating the construction of a comprehensive unmanned system in the entire airspace.

Guangzhou time-honored catering enterprise to establish headquarters in Baiyun

​Guangzhou's Baiyun district time-honored and large-scale catering enterprise Dim Dou Duk is set to establish its headquarters base in the core area of Minke Park in Baiyun district.

National conference with thousands of participants held in Baiyun

​From June 15 to 18, the 34th Annual Conference of the Chinese Chemical Society was held at the Baiyun International Conference Center and the Baiyun International Conference Hall in Baiyun district, Guangzhou.

Vibrant array of art and cultural events held in Baiyun

​Baiyun district is filled with a raft of captivating art and cultural activities in May.

Guangzhou Baiyun Industrial Park: Model for modern industrial integration

​Guangzhou Baiyun Industrial Park, positioned in the heart of Baiyun district with a planned area of 1.59 square kilometers, is embarking on a new phase of development.

Innovative eco-friendly farming promoted in Guangzhou

On April 22, Guangzhou's Baiyun district held a fish-release ceremony for the rice-fish symbiosis project at Renhe Park rice-fish symbiosis Demonstration base, symbolizing the integration of rice cultivation with fish farming."

Success story of Xiangji Starfruit in Guangzhou

​Located in Xiongwei village, Zhongluotan town, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, a starfruit orchard has become a popular attraction for numerous tourists.

Baiyun strives to explore digital security industry

The second "Debate in Baiyun Mountain - Guangzhou Digital Security Conference" is held on March 1 in Guangzhou Baiyun International Convention Center.

Guangzhou Private Science and Technology Park

Guangzhou Private Science and Technology Park is located in the north-central part of Baiyun district, with a planning area of 38 square meters.


  • Guangzhou time-honored catering enterprise to establish headquarters in Baiyun
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    1st national-local joint new energy storage center settles in Baiyun
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  • Baiyun, Huawei partner up to boost digital economy
    World's leading car company set headquarters in Baiyun
    Guangdong Bureau of Coal Geology headquarters capped
    Baiyun fuels development of local SMEs
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