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Zhuhai islands aim high in tourism

​Continuous efforts will be made by Zhuhai to further improve the city's island tourism quality, officials from the Zhuhai Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Tourism & Sports and Hezhou New Area announced during a May 23 press conference.


New Zhuhai island opens to public

Changqin Island, the first uninhabited island in China developed under the "public welfare + tourism" model, opened to the public during the May Day holiday. Passenger ports, restaurants, and sports facilities have since begun operation.


Zhuhai parks, villages ideal for May Day holiday travels

​Picturesque scenery and charming villages in Zhuhai await visitors who want to avoid the crowds during the five-day May Day holiday (April 29 to May 3) as domestic hotel and air ticket orders have both surged and surpassed the volumes seen during the same time period in 2019 before the pandemic.

1.jpg 2023-04-10

Tangjiawan green belts offer majestic landscapes in spring

With the pleasant spring weather having taken root, now is an ideal time to get up close and personal with Mother Nature while ambling along the green belts of the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Tangjiawan).

641989b16fc21d483df77599.png 2023-03-23

4 Zhuhai parks to go through ecological renovations

Four Zhuhai parks will become demonstration sites in a provincial campaign to build a green and beautiful Guangdong, it was announced on March 21, which was also the 11th International Forest Day.

6404438fe5e9477b02f3cb55.jpg 2023-03-07

Immerse yourself in Zhuhai's flower sea this spring

Colorful blooms have transformed Zhuhai into a "sea" of flowers this spring season. Here are several recommended places for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

13.jpg 2023-02-23

Chinese bell flowers bloom on mountains in Doumen

​Pink and white Chinese bell flowers (enkianthus quinqueflorus) are now in full bloom in Zhuhai's Doumen District, and they seem boundless on the hilltop slopes of the Huangyang and Guogaidong mountains.

63a99fedb7658a14bc916e2b.jpeg 2022-12-28

Ancient trees in Gongle Garden tops Guangdong list for beauty

The list was made after several rounds of online voting and then expert evaluation, in which Tangjiawan Ancient Woods ranked third in online polls and first in the comprehensive assessment.


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