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New Zhuhai island opens to public


Updated: 2023-05-06

Changqin Island, the first uninhabited island in China developed under the "public welfare + tourism" model, opened to the public during the 2023 May Day holiday. Passenger ports, restaurants, and sports facilities have since begun operation.

A series of water leisure sports are available on the island, such as jet skis, kayaks, water flyboards, and electric surfboards. People who are interested in sea fishing can also head out to sea from the island.

The music and convention halls on the island will soon meet the public, enabling the island to hold a myriad of activities, including marine sci-tech knowledge popularization events, water sports competitions, romantic weddings, family-friendly vacations, and innovative island culture events.


Panoramic view of Changqin Island (Photo coutesy Zhuhai Media Group)

The 0.87-square-kilometer (215-acre) island in the Wanshan Archipelago was previously known as Sanjiao Island, named after the three high hills on the island. Construction on the island started in 2017 and covered the restoration of local mines, shorelines, slopes, water bodies, and mountains. Other development points included comprehensive projects for ecological corridor construction and animal and plant conservation.

Additionally, functional carriers of desalination, wind power generation, and waste disposal have been put into operation.



Intl leisure island in Zhuhai awaits visitors

Sanjiao Island in the Wanshan Archipelago has ushered in a new stage in its development, as the new shipping route running between Jiuzhou Port Passenger Terminal and the island officially opened for operation on Feb 13.

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