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Zhuhai is in the southwest Pearl River estuary in Guangdong Province, with Hong Kong across the bay in the east and Macao adjacent in the south and nearby east.



2.jpg With hundreds of islands, Zhuhai is a beautiful and romantic coastal city. This gardenlike city has a legendary story of the daughter of the celestial Dragon King, who disguised herself as a fisher girl and fell in love with a fisherman. The Fisher Girl Statue, Lovers' Road, as well as the Love Post Office, are among the must-visits in Zhuhai.

Earlier History

Ever since the Reform & Opening-Up policy of Chinese reformer Deng Xiaoping in 1979, Zhuhai has carefully emerged as a modern city with an ideal industrial structure and vibrant economy.


International Ties

Zhuhai has established sister-city relations with 16 foreign cities since 1987, including Surrey (Canada), Redwood City (United States), and more.


Zhuhai has received numerous awards for environmental standards and achievements, including the Top 40 Cities for Travel in China...



Xi's Moments
1796761356102795270 (1).jpg Guangdong-Macao In-Depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin 2 years on
1920-694.jpg 14th China Intl Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition
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