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Immerse yourself in Zhuhai's flower sea this spring


Updated: 2023-03-07

Colorful blooms have transformed Zhuhai into a "sea" of flowers this spring season. Here are several recommended places for visitors to enjoy the beauty of the flowers.

Bauhinia variegate (mountain ebony plants)

Bauhinia variegate welcomes its blossoms in March and April every year, and the pink flowers represent harmony and kinship.


Bauhinia variegate trees alongside the Xiangshan Cloud Walkway near Sea & Sky Park are in full blossom 

Bauhinia variegate can be seen along the Xiangshan Cloud Walkway, Phase III of Xiangshan Lake Park, and along Yinhua and Cuixian roads in Xiangzhou. Other places include Pingdong Avenue, Shengping Avenue, and Yingyan Road in Jinwan's Pingsha Town, as well as near Haojiang Road and East Huandao Road in the Guangdong-Macao In-depth Cooperation Zone in Hengqin.

Tabebuia chrysantha (golden trumpet trees)

The bright yellow of the golden trumpet flowers has created a cheerful atmosphere in Zhuhai. The wind chime-style blossoms stand for gratitude.


A woman takes picture of golden trumpet trees with her phone 

Xiangshan Lake Park and Haitian Park are ideal places for people to admire the golden blossoms. People can also get great flower shots next to Chunfeng Road and Gangwan Avenue in Xiangzhou, as well as East Huandao Road and the waterfront corridor alongside the Tianmu River in Hengqin.

Rose and various flowers

Another outstanding location for flower viewing is Doumen Lingnan Dadi Ecological Resort. The rose blossoms there have created a fairyland for enthusiastic photographers, as the vibrant flowers are a stark contrast with the blue sky. 


Blooming roses at Doumen Lingnan Dadi Ecological Resort make the place look like a fairyland [Photos courtesy Guanhai App]

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