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    Nankai University finds new energy-saving and green refrigeration method

    A research project by an international joint research team of scientists from Nankai University and Texas State University at Dallas was published in the Oct 11 online edition of Science announcing a new flexible refrigeration strategy: Torsional Refrigeration.

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    Nankai University team reveals new mechanisms of acute leukemia

    The research group led by Yang Na from the Medical College of Nankai University and the National Key Laboratory of Medicinal Chemistry and Biology, together with the research group led by Xu Ruiming and Fan Qusen from the Institute of Biophysics of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, conducted a study that revealed that the MLL1-AF10 fusion protein passes the OM-LZ domain of AF10 and the Coiled-Coil domain of the uncatalyzed DOT1L domain, then forms oligomers.

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    Nankai University team reveals new regulation mechanism for HBV’s transcription and replication

    The team of Professor Zhang Xiaodong of the College of Life Sciences of Nankai University, who has been engaged in the research of hepatitis B and liver cancer for a long time, has made new breakthroughs in the regulation mechanism of hepatitis B virus' transcription and replication.

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