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The Mid-Autumn tea party for foreign experts held at NKU


Updated: 2019-10-16


In order to enrich the leisure life of foreign experts in Tianjin, to help them to better understand Chinese culture and integrate into Tianjin, a spectacular and lively Mid-Autumn tea party was held in Nankai University on Sept 11. 

Thanks to wonderful performances showing the customs of the Mid-Autumn festival, the atmosphere of the tea party was pushed to the climax. In the most anticipated moon cakes DIY session, master Rong from The Crystal Palace Hotel of Tianjin demonstrated the production method and process of ice-skin moon cakes and traditional moon cakes to the experts. 


The experts who participated in the moon cakes DIY were eager to try; even the foreign children who accompanied them wanted to actively participate. Rolling the wrappers, filling, pressing, pouring mold, they all were full of a sense of accomplishment and happiness, when the moon cakes were born under the guidance of the master and the help of their partners. Enjoying the sweet mooncakes made by themselves, the experts were so excited that they took out their mobile phones to take photos and share them, so as to record the wonderful moment.

2019 year is also the centenary of the founding of Nankai University. Therefore, the host specially prepared customized moon cakes for the centennial celebration of Nankai University for everyone to taste. These moon cakes with profound meanings and full of good wishes have been unanimously praised by the participants. 

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