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  • Liuhua Lake Park


    Liuhua Lake, one of the four major man-made lakes of Guangzhou, boasts a total area of 340,000 square meters.

  • Shimen National Forest Park


    Shimen National Forest Park boasts a perennial picturesque landscape, featuring bamboo groves, blankets of blooming flowers, towering mountains, strangely-shaped rocks, murmuring streams, roaring waterfalls and serene lakes.

  • Baiyun Mountain: Yuntai Garden


    Yuntai Garden, located at the southern foot of Baiyun Mountain, is said to be one of the Top Eight Tourist Attractions on Baiyun Mountain.

  • Baiyun Mountain: Baiyun Dusk View and Mountaintop Park


    The Baiyun Dusk View (Baiyun Wanwan), located in the mountaintop park (Shanding Gongyuan), consists of the "Sightseeing Platform" and the "Dusk Viewing Pavilion".

  • Baiyun Mountain: Peach Blossom Valley


    Peach Blossom Valley, located in the Mingzhul Building sightseeing area, is an eco-tourist attraction themed around peach blossoms.