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Liuhua Lake Park

( : 2016-12-26


Liuhua Lake Park [Photo/]

Liuhua Lake Park, located at Liuhua Road of Guangzhou and neighboring the Guangzhou Railway Station, was officially opened to the public in October 1959. Liuhua Lake, one of the four major man-made lakes of Guangzhou, boasts a total area of 340,000 square meters.

There are three open zones: the recreation zone highlights the modern Chinese Fan Palm Square, the Baoxiang Recreation Center, and the Rongyin Amusement Park, and provides recreation and leisurely activities to tourists of different ages; the flower, bird and bonsai appreciation and exhibition zone is made up of the Xiyuan Garden, also called the "Home of Bonsai in Lingnan" and focuses mainly on bonsai exhibition and ornamental stone appreciation; and the heron protection zone, also called the “Downtown Birds’ Paradise”, which includes the Liuhua Bird Garden.

Address: No.100, Liuhua Road, Guangzhou

Ticket: Free

Open Hours: 6 am – 10 pm

Traffic: Exit C or D of Jinhan Station, Metro Line 2