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Baiyun Dusk View and Mountaintop Park

( : 2017-01-10


The Baiyun Dusk View (Baiyun Wanwan), located in the mountaintop park (Shanding Gongyuan), is one of the Top Eight Tourist Attractions on Baiyun Mountain. It consists of the "Sightseeing Platform" and the "Dusk Viewing Pavilion" and provides a vantage point to enjoy the sunset and nightscape below. 

As early as the Yuan Dynasty (1271-1368), the spot was noted as a vantage point where people could view the myriad of twinkling lights in the town below and the fishing boats on the Pearl River. This spot and the Yangtze "Two Rivers Bond" wonder stone sight at the mountaintop park are the most popular locations for visitors to enjoy the scenery and leisure activities.

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