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Nansha Marina

( : 2019-03-14

The Nansha Marina is a high-end yacht club jointly launched by Guangzhou's Nansha district and Henry Fok Ying Tung Group Co Ltd. It is located in Nansha Bay, Guangzhou, and its facilities cover a total area of 170,000 square meters.

The marina consists of 352 water berths and 120 storage berths and it can host luxury yachts up to 165 feet long.

Situated in the core of the Pearl River Delta region, the marina boasts a great location and a pleasant subtropical climate. It is considered the best water recreation center in South China. All designs for the marina were proposed by well-known yacht experts and fully consider the needs of all kinds of tourists.


Yachts berthed at Nansha Marina. [Photo/]

In July 2011, the Nansha Marina received a "Five Gold Anchor Rating" from the UK's The Yacht Harbor Association (TYHA), becoming the first yacht club in the Chinese mainland to receive the highest international honor for marinas.

The Nansha Marina integrates Chinese and Western cultures. The luxurious clubhouse offers a variety of quality services, such as Chinese and Western dining, wedding banquets, business meetings, vacations, and VIP membership boxes. The marina also launched the nation's only one-stop yacht maintenance center and provides yacht driving training and leasing services to its members.


The Nansha Marina is located in Nansha Bay, Guangzhou. [Photo/] 

Established by Henry Fok Ying Tung Group Co Ltd, the marina has been dedicated to the development of Nansha Bay and it will strive to promote yacht culture throughout Nansha and increase interest in yachts and water sports. To this end, the Nansha Marina has launched a training program for young people interested in sailing.


The Nansha Marina is dedicated to promoting yacht culture. [Photo/]