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About 4.67 hectares of citrus fruits in a fruit tree cooperative in Huating town, Shanghai's Jiading district recently began to ripen.

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A grape exhibition and tasting event for medium and late maturing grape varieties was held in Malu Grape Theme Park, Jiading district on Aug 14, showcasing 52 varieties of grapes.

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Among over 300 exhibits in the Shanghai Astronomy Museum, three are from the Dalai Time Museum in Jiading district, Shanghai.

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Malu grapes are now available for picking until the National Day holiday, according to the Malu Grape Theme Park in Jiading district.  Read more

White garlic


Jiading district in Shanghai boasts a long history in planting white garlic as legend has it that the vegetable was first planted in the Southern Song Dynasty (1127-1276).  Read more

Yujin Xiangjiu, or curcuma wine, is made from rice after traditional fermentation, with more than 20 kinds of herbal materials.  Read more

Jiading bamboo carving is a gem of Chinese arts and crafts.  Read more



Great places to visit in Jiading

Great places to visit in Jiading

Two of Jiading's great sites, Jiading Museum and Hantianheng Art Museum, were chosen as part of the third batch of worth-visiting places in Shanghai.