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​Huating Yugu melons hit the market

( ) 2023-04-28

As the weather gets warmer, fresh Yugu melons from Huating town in Shanghai's Jiading district recently hit the market. Local farmers are busy picking, sorting, and packing them in the fields.

Yugu melons feature a fresh appearance, a mellow smell, and a sweet taste. "In order to ensure the quality of melons, each planting process must be strictly controlled. Organic fertilizer is selected for fertilization, and the whole process is artificially pollinated, as the melons grown will be more delicious and the quality will be guaranteed through this method," said Ye Chenghong, a technician of a local cooperative.

Thanks to the suitable temperature and sufficient sunlight in the early growth stage, this year's first Yugu melons are sweeter and taste better, hitting the market earlier than in previous years. The yield is also considerable, as 2,000 kilograms of melons can be harvested per mu (0.07 hectares).

Yugu melon is also known as "white-skin green-flesh melon". The ripe melon's skin is milky white with fine fluff. Different from other crispy melons, Yugu melons taste as tender and delicate, soft and juicy like ice cream, which has helped it gain popularity in the market.

Yugu melons will be available until mid-May. The cooperative will also collaborate with the "Wojia Fresh" WeChat mini program for online sales, with the distribution scope covering the whole district.


At a melon planting base in Jinlu village in Huating, melons with round shape, refreshing fragrance, and full color loom in the lush turquoise leaves. [Photo/]


A grower checks a Yugu melon at a melon planting base in Jinlu village in Huating. [Photo/]


One melon's sweetness is measured at 17.2 degrees. [Photo/]



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