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Jiading district in Shanghai has unveiled a new outdoor worker support station in the Juyuan Community, providing round-the-clock assistance to outdoor workers like sanitation staff, delivery personnel, and couriers.  Read more

Anting town in Shanghai's Jiading district had rolled out a number of livelihood projects last year to enhance the community's infrastructure and services.  Read more

Jiading district in Shanghai is making significant progress in expanding its charging facilities for electric vehicles (EVs).  Read more

Anting town in Shanghai's Jiading district has recently completed the renovation of 14 public fitness locations and built a new one.  Read more

Jiading Gymnasium in Shanghai's Jiading district recently reopened to the public after an upgrade, attracted many fitness enthusiasts to check it out.  Read more

Shanghai's Jiading district has greatly improved its transportation system with the aim of becoming a comprehensive node that is bettered connected to other cities in the Yangtze River Delta (YRD).  Read more

Some community hospitals in Shanghai's Jiading district have improved their medical services by hiring doctors with PhD degrees.  Read more

Xinchenglu subdistrict in Jiading plans to improve the city's environment and build garden-like communities.  Read more



Great places to visit in Jiading

Great places to visit in Jiading

Two of Jiading's great sites, Jiading Museum and Hantianheng Art Museum, were chosen as part of the third batch of worth-visiting places in Shanghai.