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Celebrating a decade: Sports culture thrives along the canal

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: June 22, 2024 L M S

Editor's note: To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the Grand Canal's UNESCO World Heritage listing, a captivating video series has been launched to showcase a Russian's journey to Gongshu district of Hangzhou, Zhejiang province, home to the southernmost point of the canal.

In the bustling city of Hangzhou, the ancient Grand Canal has long symbolized the pioneering spirit of the people who live along its banks, reflecting their ability to adapt and evolve. Today, this spirit is vividly expressed in the sports culture of Gongshu.

Gongshu has made significant strides in promoting sports culture, especially following the successful hosting of the Asian Games. The modern sports facilities built for the event have become key venues for a variety of activities and competitions, attracting many sports enthusiasts and local residents.

Fitness equipment and sports fields are scattered along the canal, providing ideal spots for residents to exercise. Early mornings see joggers enjoying the fresh air, while evenings draw crowds for community basketball and football games, all sharing in the excitement of sports.

Afanaseva Sofia, a Russian student residing in Hangzhou, recently undertook a journey to explore the sports culture along the Grand Canal, uncovering its vibrant energy.