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West extension of Xianghai Bridge scheduled to open in 2024


Updated: 2022-11-30

The steel box girder of Huxin Road Interchange's main-line bridge in the initial section of the West Extension Line of Xianghai Bridge was connected on Nov 26, with all three 16-m (17-yd) girder segments hung in their designated spots.

Other works such as tearing down assembly brackets, renovating central green belts, paving asphalt, and setting up traffic lights will also be carried out. 


Steel box girder segments are hung in place on Nov 26 [Photo by Chen Qingyang and Chen Hongyu / Guanhai App]

The 1,576-m (1,724-yd) Huxin Road Interchange's main-line bridge that passed over Huxin Road is expected to start operation in 2024. This will allow motorists to reach Shuanghu Road and Xianghai Bridge via Huangyang River Bridge, relieving the traffic pressure on Huxin Road and making it more convenient for Doumen motorists to reach Xiangzhou.

The bridge is a controlling project in the initial section of the West Extension Line of Xianghai Bridge, which starts at the toll station of Xianghai Bridge's main line, heads west over Huxin Road, and ends at Shuanghu Road.

The 6.2-km (3.9-mile) section, scheduled to finish construction in 2024, is divided into two parts: TJ1 and TJ2. Ground was broken on the former in 2021. It spans 4.2 km (2.6 miles) and includes the Huxin Road Interchange's main-line bridge and four ramps that run southwest over Shengli and Baiteng rivers. Its main structure is due to be completed in October 2023.

The 2-km (1-mile) TJ2 section comprises two main-line bridges, four ramp bridges, and several ramp toll stations alongside the Shuanghu Road. Construction will begin in December.



Xianghai bridge on schedule to open this year

​The 29.8-km (19-mile) Xianghai Bridge will be completed in the first half of 2022, cutting travel time between Xiangzhou and Doumen districts down to 15 minutes upon operation.


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