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Jinxi Ave connecting Tangjiawan, Xiangzhou starts construction


Updated: 2022-04-01

The first phase of the Jinxi Avenue project in the Zhuhai National Hi-Tech Industrial Development Zone (Tangjiawan) started construction on March 30. An artery with elegant design and complete supporting facilities is expected to take shape by April 2024.


Rendering of Jinxi Avenue Phase I's Tangjiawan section [Photo by Wu Changfu/Zhuhai Daily]

The 13.3-km (8.3-mile) Jinxi Avenue is designed to be an important north-south dual six-lane passage connecting Tangjiawan, the downtown area in south Zhuhai, and Zhongshan's Tanzhou Town. Sponge city concepts are applied in the overall design.

Upon completion, it will relieve traffic pressure on the Jinqin Expressway with a width of 45 m and designated speed limit of 60 kmh (38 mph). Connection between Tangjiawan and Xiangzhou as well as their coordinated development will also be strengthened.

The Tangjiawan section of the avenue stretches 3.94 km (2.45 miles) and will be built over two phases. Its 2,066-m (2,259-yd) first phase starts from Jinhuan Road, goes over West Jintang Road, and heads towards the future University Town. It will finish construction in April 2024 with an estimated investment of 370 million yuan ($58 million).



New roads proposed to Huitong and from North Yingbin

Preparations are being made to construct Jinxi Avenue from the Huitong area of Jinding Town to Sanxi Technology & Innovation Town in Shangchong, New Xiangzhou. Xiangshan Avenue is also planned to run northwest out of town from North Yingbin Road.


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