Elementary Education


Tianjin has continued to carry out 3 rounds of modern standardization construction for compulsory education, promoted the exam-free school admission for compulsory education, set up a mechanism for teachers and principals’ exchange and rotation, and implemented the free compulsory education policy.

Higher Education


The city is speeding up its construction of world-class universities and disciplines reflecting the characteristics of Tianjin and China, and encouraging the transformation and development of a group of higher institutions.

Vocational Education


Tianjin has steadily promoted the construction of an upgraded version of the demonstration zone for vocational education, on the basis of continuing to maintain the advantages as the birthplace of Chinese vocational education.

What is the procedure of Chinese Government Scholarship application?


The illustration below may help you understand the application procedure in general. There might be minor differences between programs.

Are scholarship recipients obliged to take Chinese-taught programs?


Chinese is the only instruction language for undergraduate programs.Most graduate programs and non-degree programs are instructed in Chinese. Certain Chinese universities offer English-taught programs.

Chinese university scholarships


This article introduces the university scholarships in China.

Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship


Here is a sample for the Application Form for Chinese Government Scholarship.

Application Form for Extending Expiring Date of Scholarship


Here is a sample for the Application Form for Extending Expiring Date of Scholarship.

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