Elementary Education

Updated: 2018-06-29

Tianjin has continued to carry out 3 rounds of modern standardization construction for compulsory education, promoted the exam-free school admission for compulsory education, set up a mechanism for teachers and principals’ exchange and rotation, and implemented the free compulsory education policy. All of the 16 districts have passed the national assessment on balanced primary schools. The unification of Tianjin’s urban and rural primary education is high in the whole country.

Tianjin decides to accelerate the implementation of the preschool education Five-Year Plan and to carry out the construction, reconstruction, expansion and improvement of 106 kindergartens across the city. It is also actively setting up modern standards of compulsory education schools for the third round, and altogether more than 330 compulsory education schools have passed the standard test. According to the plan, the kindergarten education quality 3 years before school would have been largely improved in the city by 2020, and the gross enrollment rate of children at the right age into kindergartens 3 years before school will surpass 96%; a balanced development of urban and rural compulsory education will reach a higher level, with a steady rate of above 99%; the general high school education will be diversified with characteristic development, making the gross enrollment rate of high-school education reach 98%. By 2020, Tianjin will build up an elementary education system that is fair and inclusive, of good and balanced quality, with distinctive features, and being creative.

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