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Luogang Children's Park hilltop public toilet..png

Huangpu upgrades public bathrooms in parks


Guangzhou's Huangpu district renovated the public bathrooms in several parks this year, as part of its three-year "bathroom revolution" plan, which includes upgrading both the appearance and the hardware of public bathroom facilities.

Stuart Wiggin fetches well water..jpg

British blogger raves about Shenjing village in Huangpu


A well-known British blogger, Stuart Wiggin, recently visited Huangpu and couldn't stop praising Shenjing village.

The Jinkeng River Greenway..jpg

Huangpu's greenways become great weekend getaways


Guangzhou's Huangpu district has actively planned and constructed a series of beautiful greenways. Among them, the Jinkeng River Greenway and Pinggang River Greenway have become ideal cycling spots for citizens on weekends.

People can enjoy the leisure and fitness in the pocket park..png

Huangpu's diverse pocket parks enhance beauty, quality of life


Huangpu district is actively promoting the ecological construction of a green and beautiful Guangzhou, advocating the concept of a full-range park city.

Nice trees along the route..jpg

Huangpu district introduces refreshing stream hiking trail


In response to the scorching summer temperatures, Huangpu district has recently launched a refreshing stream hiking trail, which became the go-to destination for locals.

The Changzhou Island Port..jpg

Changzhou Island upgrades ferry for visitors


Changzhou Island, located in Huangpu district, Guangzhou, is renowned for its rich history and ecological beauty, all of which make it a significant cultural and tourist destination.

Nanhai God Temple..png

Huangpu district advances in '1 Temple, 2 Museums' project


The "One Temple and Two Museums" construction project in Huangpu district, which involves the Nanhai God Temple, the Guangzhou Maritime Museum, and the Foreign Trade Museum, has recently made new progress.

A view of the Water Voice Reservoir..jpg

Discover Huangpu's greenbelt, water reservoir


Huangpu district has built a network of greenways, including the Wanli Greenbelt, to encourage green and low-carbon travel and to promote ecological protection.

Zhongshan Park.jpg

Camping park recommendations in Huangpu


​As the warm spring breeze and blossoming flowers usher in the perfect season for camping, consider exploring several parks in Huangpu district. Some great options include Development Park, Zhongshan Park, Jianfengling Park, Ganzhushan Park, Luogang Children's Park, Yushu Park, and Entrepreneurship Park.

People walk in Rongxi Valley Pocket Park..png

Huangpu's pocket parks allow people to relax


In recent years, with the continuous improvement of Huangpu's ecological environment, more and more pocket parks have been opened to the public, each with its characteristics.

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