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Huangpu unveils 2 new national 3A tourist attractions

Updated : 2024-02-21

Guangzhou's Huangpu district's Jingxia village tourism area and Xingfuli historical and cultural district were both awarded the status of National 3A Tourist Attractions.

These two attractions, known for their rich natural landscapes and profound historical and cultural heritage, have become ideal destinations for family outings catering to both young and old.

Located in Jingxia village, within the China-Singapore Guangzhou Knowledge City, the Jingxia village tourism area is cherished for its tranquil pastoral scenery and a variety of agritainment activities. Visitors can indulge in activities such as vegetable picking, camping, and lawn BBQ, embracing the leisurely pace of rural life.

The Xingfuli historical and cultural district, transformed from the ancient architectural cluster of Wenchong village, covers 35 ancient buildings and stands as one of the largest preserved ancient villages in Guangzhou. Visitors can explore a village with over 800 years of history and experience traditional cultures such as Guangdong embroidery, lion dancing, and Chinese opera.

The upgrade of these two areas has injected new vitality into the tourism industry of Huangpu, providing citizens and tourists with more high-quality travel options. Let's step into these charming areas together to discover the beauty of nature and the depth of culture.

The Jingxia village..png

The Jingxia village.

The Xingfuli historical and cultural district..png

The Xingfuli historical and cultural district.

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