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Construction of Pedestrian Bridge Project near Huangpu Xiji village

Updated : 2024-05-15


Rendering of the Pedestrian Bridge. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhpfb]

The bidding for the construction contract for the Pedestrian Bridge Project at Fuxu Ancient Canal near Huangpu Xiji village is now under way.

The project is located south of Yihai Road and north of Nanwan Industrial Park. The pedestrian bridge, which will span the Xijiao River, will have a total length of about 54 meters and an area of 437 square meters. The project includes bridge engineering, landscaping, lighting, and monitoring systems.

The design features a single-span section panel arch bridge with an arch thickness of 0.8 meters. The project adopts a Chinese classical corridor bridge style, enhancing the spatial richness with a design resembling wooden structures.

As people step onto the corridor bridge, they may feel like they are entering a dreamy Lingnan water town. From a distance, the grand classical arch bridge design blends harmoniously with the use of local cultural motifs.

Once the pedestrian bridge has been completed, Huangpu will have another popular spot for visitors to explore.


Rendering of the Pedestrian Bridge. [Photo/WeChat account: gzhpfb]

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