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Exploring Jiaxing's blossoming beauty

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: March 12, 2024 L M S


A close-up of plum blossoms in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province. [Photo/jiaxingren.com]

Spring has sprung in Jiaxing, unveiling a spectacular floral showcase across the region. Here are the best flower-viewing destinations in the city.

Plum blossoms

Best viewing period: February-March

Experience the delicate charm of plum blossoms at Meihuazhou in Fengqiao town, Jubaowan in Wangdian town and Ginkgo Swan Lake, where the gentle sway of blossoms creates a romantic ambiance.


Best viewing period: Mid-March to April

Don't miss the enchanting tulip display at Yaojiadang. The Yaojiadang Flower Sea boasts 88,000 tulips of 18 different varieties spread across an area of approximately 1,800 square meters.

Additionally, Nanhu Scenic Area, Fanli Lake Park, and Xiuhu Park are also excellent places to enjoy tulips.

Peach blossoms

Best viewing period: Late March to April

Explore the peach blossom paradise at Meihuazhou, where the pink blooms transform Fengqiao town into a picturesque haven.

Cherry blossoms

Best viewing period: Mid-March to mid-April

Jiaxing boasts numerous picturesque cherry blossom viewing spots. Every April, cherry blossoms in Fanli Lake Park, Jiaxing Botanical Garden, Boya Hotel, Zhejiang University of Technology, and Yadee Factory become the focus of attention, painting a breathtaking picture.

Rapeseed flowers

Best viewing period: Mid-March to April

The golden fields of rapeseed flowers along Xincheng Greenway and Xiangjiadang Forest Park are perfect destinations for both photographers and family outings.

Crabapple blossoms

Best viewing period: Late March to early April

During late March to early April, crabapple trees at Lushehui, Nanhuhao Park, and Fanli Lake Park will be in full bloom, creating a picturesque scene.


Best viewing period: May to mid-June

Revel in the beauty of hydrangeas at Xiangjiadang, where the white, fluffy blooms create the perfect backdrop for nature photography.