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'Low-altitude industry' takes off in Xinchang

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 8, 2024 L M S


The second National Light Aircraft Championship is held in Xinchang. [Photo: Tide News]

Several years ago, Xinchang county in Shaoxing planned for the low-altitude economy industry, with Wanfeng Auto Holding Group being the leading enterprise in this endeavor.

In 2014, Wanfeng decided to enter the low-altitude economy track. As of now, Wanfeng holds intellectual property rights for 18 aircraft models and four engines, forming a comprehensive low-altitude general aviation industry chain development model centered on aircraft and key component manufacturing, airport management, general aviation operations, and aviation school training.

The operation of Wanfeng Aviation Town has led to the flourishing of the low-altitude economy industry chain in Xinchang.

Also choosing to establish a presence in Xinchang is Flightwin Innovation, a Beijing-based company. Last year, the company decided to invest in and build a new project in Wanfeng Aviation Town. Flightwin Innovation is deeply involved in the manufacturing of unmanned helicopters, mainly focusing on the research and application of heavy-duty unmanned helicopter products, covering various fields such as emergency response and material delivery.

In recent years, Xinchang has been prominently included in the "Zhejiang General Airport Development Plan." According to the plan, priority will be given to advancing the construction of the Wanfeng Aviation Town as a provincial-level platform, highlighting general aviation operations, aviation sports, flight experiences, and pilot training to drive the development of related service industries.