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Locals delight in classic Chinese opera on doorstep

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: February 23, 2024 L M S


Yueju Opera play Sun Wukong Battles Lady White Bone is performed in Shaoxing, Zhejiang province on Feb 18. [Photo/Tide News]

The timeless tale of Sun Wukong Battles Lady White Bone unfolded in Zhujiazhuang village, Shaoxing, on Feb 18, drawing locals into a world of ancient legends and heroic deeds.

On stage, the skilled opera actors of the Zhejiang Shaoju Opera Art Research Institute transported the audience with their passionate and captivating performances. As the plot thickened, spectators were spellbound, erupting into spontaneous applause at every thrilling twist and turn.

Lady White Bone is a shape-shifting evil spirit who desires to eat the flesh of Tang Sanzang, the mentor of Sun Wukong, or the Monkey King. She disguised first as a village girl and later as an elderly woman, trying to capture Tang.

Only Sun can discern her true nature, but his warnings are ignored. After multiple encounters, Sun finally defeats Lady White Bone, but his actions lead to a rift with Tang. Eventually, they reconcile when Sun saves Tang from another demon, restoring trust among the group as they continue their journey.

"I know this story well from watching it on TV, but experiencing Monkey King live on stage fills me with such joy," said a villager surnamed Wan, a latecomer who found himself seated towards the back. Despite his less-than-ideal vantage point, he was enthralled by the actors' masterful portrayal of the iconic characters.

Another audience member remarked on the exceptional talent of Lady White Bone, whose singing and acting exuded vitality and spirit, truly befitting the role. The musical accompaniment further heightened the drama, stirring excitement and anticipation among the crowd.

Shaoju Opera, renowned for its rich history and diverse repertoire, holds a special place in Zhejiang province's cultural heritage. With its vigorous singing, rustic melodies, and dynamic performances infused with literary and martial arts elements, it continues to captivate audiences across generations.

As the performance concluded, actress Ye Jing, who portrayed Lady White Bone, expressed gratitude for the audience's enthusiasm and hoped for future opportunities to share their artistry with the community.