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Shaoxing courier services up over 41.75% YoY

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: February 19, 2024 L M S

The postal industry in Shaoxing handled 1.64 billion items in 2023, a robust 35.6-percent surge compared to the previous year. Specifically, the courier service sector saw a 41.7-percent increase, reaching 1.33 billion items.

Local media attributed the high growth rates to the continuous support of commerce and the expanding courier services in rural areas. The burgeoning local e-commerce industry has emerged as a driving force behind the surge in parcel volumes.

Officials from the postal administration bureau in Zhuji county-level city shed light on the thriving pearl and sock industries, with the latter witnessing a daily shipment exceeding 2 million units thanks to integrated warehousing and distribution systems.

In 2023, Zhuji's courier service volume hit a staggering 949 million items, a 52.9-percent year-on-year increase, with total business revenue reaching 2.2 billion yuan ($305 million), up by 34.5 percent.

During the 2023 "Double Eleven" shopping extravaganza, Yuecheng district offered a diverse array of promotional activities by leveraging online e-commerce platforms. For instance, the Gu Yue Long Shan yellow wine brand raked in over 200,000 yuan in daily online sales during the "Double Eleven" period, with total sales surpassing 5 million yuan.

The rapid expansion of delivery services in Shaoxing is intricately linked with the increasingly-sophisticated rural logistics infrastructure.

As the county, township, and village-level courier logistics systems continue to improve and expand, with enhanced service outlets and seamless door-to-door pickup services, Shaoxing is making the most of its end-service outlet resources.

To further drive rural vitalization efforts, officials from the Shaoxing municipal postal administration are committed to meeting the demands of the populace, leveraging available resources, and propelling the integrated development of rural passenger and freight transportation services. They plan to integrate agricultural e-commerce sales models into village-level courier service points, enabling more rural products to reach markets efficiently.