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Intl Go culture exchange event kicks off in Quzhou

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: December 6, 2023 L M S

An international children's exchange was held in Quzhou on Dec 4. This event was held during the 2023 World Youth Go Forum and the Quzhou International Children's Friendly Amateur Go Invitational.

A total of 30 children and parents from China, Germany, Croatia, South Korea, Mexico, Singapore, New Zealand, the United States and other countries came to Quzhou to engage in a cultural exchange themed on the game Go.

They learned about Quzhou's history and culture when visiting the Quzhou Library, Shuitingmen Historic and Cultural Block and Temple of Southern Confucianism. They also visited the Doolittle Raid Memorial Hall, a symbol of China-US friendship.

They also made Shaoyongfeng sesame cakes and watched Wuju Operas and a children's martial arts performance.

During the event, Shao Zihan, Qiu Yuxuan, and Fang Xiangyi from Quzhou gave red bracelets they made themselves to three chess players from the US team and the Mexican team, wishing them luck in the next day's game. Medak Stjepan, a chess player from the Croatian team, gave Tong Jingtian a jersey of his favorite soccer team. Medak Stjepan received a dragon-shaped sugar painting as a gift from Tong Jingtian.