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Quzhou expert brings Chinese technology to BRI power project

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: October 20, 2023 L M S

Jiang Ting, an expert from the State Grid Quzhou Power Supply Company to join the Indonesian advanced smart metering system project, is spreading Chinese technology on the international stage.

Jiang Ting is the only female out of 16 experts sent by the State Grid Corporation of China. She arrived in Indonesia on May 16 and is responsible for the material management and electric meter installation of the project, which covers eight provinces in Indonesia and involves 1.21 million smart meters, a power consumption information collection system, and supporting equipment.

The project's contract was signed in December 2022 by China Electric Equipment Corporation and Indonesia National Electric Power Company as a way to deepen the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).

Jiang Ting is a leader in technological innovation and a national technical expert in electric power. She has won many awards in domestic and international competitions, demonstrating the leading style of Chinese electric power technology.

The Indonesian side is very satisfied with China's work and very interested in the intelligent system. Jiang Ting said that she is proud to contribute to the digital and intelligent transformation of Indonesia National Electric Power Company with China's world-leading electric power technology and her own expertise.