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Dunhuang culture exhibition lifts curtain on Silk Road Week

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: July 17, 2023 L M S


A poster for the exhibition Convergence of Civilizations: Dunhuang on the Silk Road [Photo/WeChat account: cnsilkmuseum]

The exhibition Convergence of Civilizations: Dunhuang on the Silk Road has opened to the public at the China National Silk Museum in Hangzhou from July 12 to Aug 22.

The exhibition highlights Dunhuang as a major city along the ancient Silk Road and shows the exchanges between Eastern and Western civilizations along the Silk Road.

There are over 100 cultural relics in four categories: politics and economy, society and life, the millennium-old ties between Zhejiang and Dunhuang, and Dunhuang caves and mural art.

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Tang Dynasty (618-907) relics from the Gansu Museum are on display. [Photo/WeChat account: cnsilkmuseum]

The exhibition is co-sponsored by the National Cultural Heritage Administration and the People's Government of Zhejiang Province, hosted by the China National Silk Museum, and co-organized by nine museums in Gansu, Zhejiang, and Liaoning provinces.

The exhibition is part of the annual Silk Road Week begun at China National Silk Museum in 2020. For this year's event, Hungary will be the Guest Country of Honor.

Other exhibition, including a photography exhibition on Hungary, symposiums, livestreaming events, and immersive silk-road-themed workshops for the public, especially youth, will be presented during the Silk Road Week.