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What they say about the Hehe culture

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: November 25, 2022 L M S

Hehe culture, which originated in the Tiantai Mountain in Taizhou, is an important treasure of the Chinese "He" (harmony) culture. In light of the major changes unfolding in the world and the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the world is looking forward to the exchange of different ideas and the inclusiveness of different civilizations. The "He" culture, which calls for peace, amity and harmony, is China's gift to the world. It will bring inspiration to improving global governance and addressing the common challenges of mankind. Looking into the future, we need to uphold the concept of "harmony without uniformity" and advocate genuine multilateralism. Second, we need to pursue win-win cooperation and build an open world economy. Third, we should uphold humanism and promote the common values of mankind.

——Du Zhanyuan, President of China International Communication Group (CICG)

The Hehe culture is both historical and contemporary, and it belongs to both China and the world. As a major cradle of the Hehe culture, Zhejiang has the responsibility to advocate the ideas of "harmony without uniformity" and "respecting and cherishing the beauty of different cultures", and actively explore solutions to the common problems faced by mankind. We should draw on the Hehe culture for answers, guide the international community out of confrontation and division, out of economic crisis and out of conflict of values, and make the concept of Hehe a broad consensus in addressing global issues, in order to contribute to the establishment of a community with a shared future for mankind.

——Wu Jing, Vice-Chairperson of the CPPCC Zhejiang Provincial Committee

The essence of diplomacy lies in seeking peaceful coexistence with countries and peoples with different values and ways of thinking. What "Hehe" (harmony) and "Youai" (fraternity) have in common is harmony and cooperation. Looking at today's international relations, it is a fact that countries differ in their views. Hehe diplomacy means that both sides should not completely reject each other when they have different views. Instead, they should try to compromise with each other so as to create a win-win situation.

——Yukio Hatoyama, Former Prime Minister of Japan and Chairman of the East Asian Community Institute

In the post-COVID-19 era, it is our common goal to promote a sustainable and equitable recovery in the world, which can be achieved through harmony and cooperation. The seven guiding principles, namely strengthening global cooperation, advancing peace and security, re-globalizing equitably, promoting gender equality, rebuilding sustainably, deepening public-private partnerships and increasing global resilience, are of great significance in reaching a global consensus on jointly building a community with a shared future for mankind.

——Bernard Hamilton, Consul General of the Republic of Malta in Shanghai

Taizhou is the place where the Hehe culture was born, where it has been widely practiced and where it is disseminated. Taizhou occupies an important position in the historical accumulation of the Hehe culture. Along the new journey of modernization and common prosperity, we will strengthen the fostering and dissemination of the Hehe culture so that the culture can travel outside of Taizhou, outside of China and all over the world, and provide a cross-racial solution to the elimination of differences among civilizations and to the building of a harmonious world.

——Li Yueqi, Secretary of the CPC Taizhou Municipal Committee

This forum is of great value in terms of showcasing the essence of the Chinese culture of Hehe, advocating peaceful development and win-win cooperation, promoting the progress of culture across the globe, and building a beautiful world where everyone coexists in peace and harmony. The Hehe culture not only enables countries around the world to identify with the Chinese culture, but also helps countries around the world to solve common problems. In the face of major changes unseen in a century, we are also keenly aware that Hehe, though good, cannot be taken for granted. Coexistence requires all countries to meet each other halfway, and sometimes even struggle is needed to win respect and development. China will unswervingly strive for true democracy and peace.

——Lu Cairong, Vice-President of China International Communication Group (CICG)

The Hehe culture will be important theoretically and practically in terms of enhancing exchanges between different countries, races, religions and civilizations, and in promoting the world's peaceful development. 

——Kim Won-soo, Former Undersecretary-General of UN

No matter which country we live in, there is only one earth and one world for mankind. We are the same, yet different; we are different, yet still the same. "Hehe" is the general trend of human development, and the Hehe culture will be increasingly recognized. Ballet is a performance dance that is now popular now all over the world. Chinese ballet is now confidently dancing on the international stage after 60 years of development. By understanding the art of ballet, we can understand the essence of the Chinese art and Chinese culture, as well as the significance of the Hehe culture.

——Feng Ying, Director of National Ballet of China

The "heaven and man united as one" concept seeks harmony between man and nature and the international outlook of "harmony among all nations" seeks to promote the establishment of a community with a shared future for mankind, and the social view of "harmony without uniformity" requires that exchanges be conducted harmoniously and in a friendly manner. The Hehe culture embodies the idea of "heaven and man united as one", and the world needs the idea of "harmony without uniformity". Two of my sculptures illustrate the idea of Hehe the best: Confucius and Socrates: An Encounter is a dialogue across time and space and A Dialogue Across the Time: Da Vinci and Qi Baishi is a dialogue between two great artists. Mankind achieves progress thanks to "He" (harmony), and the Hehe culture will lead mankind to a better world.

——Wu Weishan, Director of the National Art Museum of China

The Hehe culture is the noble and magnificent "gene" of the Chinese culture, which has a far-reaching influence on the world, and Tiantai is the unique "platform" for the inheritance of the Hehe culture, the essence of the Chinese culture. The most important thing about the Hehe culture is that it should reflect the common feelings of the people and their daily lives. At a time when the epidemic is raging, it is all the more important for countries to have a harmonious mindset and see Earth as a common home. The Hehe culture is by no means limited to this piece of land. It is the common wealth of the whole mankind and should be cherished as a cultural heritage. Important concepts and stories of the Chinese culture should be introduced in other languages around the world.

——Qian Wenzhong, Professor at Department of History, Fudan University

A community with a shared future for mankind is a world of truth, goodness and beauty that embodies visions of the Hehe culture for the future. The Hehe culture is a value system that guides the directions of mankind. We should foster the idea of "Hehe" and lay a solid foundation for "Hehe under heaven".

——Zhang Liwen, Professor at the School of Philosophy and Director of the Institute of Hehe Culture, Renmin University of China

Tiantai county is committed to the inheritance of the Hehe culture, the brand building of the "Hehe Culture Base", the flourishing of "Hehe and openness" and the true stories and practice of "good governance under Hehe".

——Yang Lingling, Secretary of the CPC Tiantai County Committee

The Hehe culture is something that I treasure. Although people say I am from the West, I've long been immersed in Chinese culture and have been following the Chinese way in my everyday life. Harmony lies at the core of Hehe culture, an embodiment of the Chinese culture I like. In Hehe culture, there is not only history, but also literary and philosophical charm. Today, the world faces many challenges that call for concerted efforts, and the Hehe culture is one of the answers to these problems.

——Julien Gaudfroy, TV Show Host and cellist from France