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World-famous phenomenon attracts thousands to east China

cgtn.com| Updated: September 13, 2022 L M S


Qiantang River in east China is famous for having the world's largest tidal bore. It's known by locals as the Silver Dragon, and attracts thousands of nature tourists every year, especially during the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday. Our reporter Wang Siwen paid a visit and has this report.

WANG SIWEN Hangzhou "Behind me is the Qiantang River, known for having the world's largest tidal bore, the best time to watch it is midway through the eighth month of the Chinese lunar calendar, which is now through the coming days."

Tidal bore refers a phenomenon, where the leading edge of an incoming tide forms a wave that travels up a river against the current. And that's what people come here to see. High temperatures and drought have impacted water levels this year. But still, when the tide comes, the speed can break world records, traveling at 10 meters per second, and forming fascinating views, one-line bore, back-flow bore, cross bore, and so on.

Over the centuries, the course of the river has changed, so there are a variety of viewing spots. And Beauty Dam is one of them.

The T-shaped dam stretches along the river from south to north and offers a great view of the "back-flow bore", which refers to the wave that is formed when the rapidly advancing tides encounter groins and other artificial obstacles. The surging tidal bore in Qiantang river attracts thousands from far and wide.

VISITOR "This is my first time seeing the tidal bore. I had seen it on Tiktok before and it was so beautiful, so the four of us drove here to watch it. It's very good and we are happy."

VISITOR "We came from Shanghai. We will go to Haining to watch it on the eighteenth day of the eighth lunar month. I saw the tidal bore 40 years ago, and the waves were huge, we all got wet, we want to watch it again."

Watching the tidal bore has been a tradition for as long as 2-thousand years and the Qiantang River has inspired many Chinese writers and artists. WSW, CGTN, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province.