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Exhibition about Xu Zhimo, his intl friends held in Haining

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: November 24, 2021 L M S


A photo of Xu Zhimo while he was studying in the United Kingdom. [Photo/cnjxol.com]

An exhibition about Xu Zhimo (1897-1931) and his international friends was held in Xu's hometown Haining, Jiaxing, East China's Zhejiang province on Nov 19.

The day marked the 90th anniversary of the death of Xu, who was a renowned poet, writer, and translator, as well as an ambassador for cultural exchanges between China and other countries.

The exhibition showcased the documents, photos, and videos recording his friendships with global literary masters, artists, and philosophers like Bertrand Russell, Virginia Woolf, as well as George Bernard Shaw.

In 1921, Xu studied at the renowned King's College in the United Kingdom where he wrote his most well-known poem, A Second Farewell to Cambridge, in 1928 after his third visit to the university.

Influenced by Rabindranath Tagore's The Crescent Moon, Xu helped found the Crescent Society in 1923, an important poetry school in the history of modern Chinese poetry, and later founded the monthly magazine Crescent Monthly.

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