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At Most One Visit

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: November 2, 2020 L M S


A staff member at a government service center in Zhejiang province handles a matter with the help of a robot. [Photo/IC]

Starting time: December 2016


The principle aim of the "At Most One Visit" administrative reform strategy is to streamline administrative procedures and reduce red tape for both individuals and businesses. Administrative services can be accessed by personal visit or by digital channels, such as government websites and mobile apps.


By January 2019, 100 percent of administrative procedures could be dealt with online. The system enhanced public convenience since 63.6 percent of livelihood issues can be resolved with one card. The approval processes before a company's project starts construction can be finished with at most one visit and at most 100 days. "Standard land" accounts for 80.1 percent of the provincial and above level platforms' newly-approved industrial lands. The opening time to normalize companies has been reduced to four working days.

Definition of "standard land":

The reform of "standard land" is a pioneering work in Zhejiang. The so-called "standard land" refers to State-owned construction land sold with at least five basic indicators, such as fixed asset investment intensity, floor area ratio, standard unit energy consumption, unit emission standards and per-unit tax revenue, on the basis of the completion of relevant regional assessment. The reform has pushed forward reduction of the previous procedures, links, processes and time required for the approval of enterprises' investment projects and guiding companies' transformation and upgrading.