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Chinese folk music garners applause in Warsaw, Poland

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: February 9, 2017 L M S


A concert of Chinese folk music takes place in Warsaw, Poland on Jan 5. [Photo/cri.cn]

A concert featuring Chinese folk music was staged by an orchestra comprised of musicians from Zhejiang and Shanxi at the Warsaw Philharmonic Concert Hall in Warsaw, Poland on Jan 5.

The musicians captivated the crowd with graceful Chinese classics and modern music which combined the different styles of China's southern and northern regions.

The concert evoked a series of poetic images as the Chinese folk music enchanted the audience of the Polish capital with the musicians' mastery of traditional instruments such as guzheng (a Chinese zither) and erhu (two-stringed bowed instrument).

Zhang Lie, conductor of the ensemble, said he was quite pleased to see that the Chinese music was well accepted by Europeans. In order to boost the relationship between the performers and the audience, the troupe also played a musical piece by the famous Polish composer Fryderyk Chopin, gaining a warm applause from the audience.

More than one thousand people attended the concert, including Chinese Ambassador to Poland Xu Jian, overseas Chinese in Poland and Warsaw locals. Some people took photos of the traditional Chinese instruments during the mid-show interval and expressed great curiosity about traditional Chinese culture.

The troupe of Zhejiang and Shanxi musicians will stage ten concerts across seven European countries. Duan Yongming, head of the troupe, said the warm welcome and positive responses from the European public inspire them to work harder in promoting cultural exchanges.

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