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Application Procedures for the Residence Permit for Aliens

zj.gov.cn| Updated: July 27, 2016 L M S

Aliens' residence permits are classified into two types: aliens' residence permits and aliens' temporary residence permits.
Aliens' residence permits are issued to those who stay in China for one year or more.
Aliens' temporary residence permits are issued to those who stay less than one year in China.
Conditions for application:
Aliens who hold visas D, Z, X or J-1 or who are exempt from the visa-obtaining procedures in accordance with an agreement signed by the Chinese government and the government of a foreign country shall, within 30 days of entry into China, obtain aliens' residence permits or aliens' temporary residence permits from the city or county public security bureau at the place of their residence.
The period of validity of the aforementioned certificates is the duration of the holders’ permitted stay in China. Aliens holding visas F, L, G or C may stay in China for the period prescribed in their visas without obtaining residence certificates.
Handling office:
The exit-and-entry department of the municipal or county public security bureau at the place of the applicant’s intended residence.
Application procedures:
In applying for residence certificates, aliens shall provide such information as requested and complete the following procedures:
1. Submit for examination their passports and visas;
2. Submit papers supporting their purposes of residence;
Aliens without permanent residence status may work within the Chinese territory only after they obtain the Aliens' Work Permit.
Aliens' Work Permit is not required for those coming under the following categories:
1) Aliens holding the Foreign Expert Certificate;
2) Foreign workers with special skills who wok in offshore petroleum operations without the need to go ashore for employment and hold “Work Permit for Foreign Personnel Engaged in the Offshore Petroleum Operations in the People’s Republic of China”;
3) Aliens holding Temporary Profitable performance Permit and engaged in profitable cultural performance approved by the Ministry of Culture.
3. Fill in residence application forms.
4. In applying for aliens' residence permits, submit for examination health certificates and recently-taken two-inch half-length, bareheaded, full-faced photos.