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Points to be Noticed for Aliens Holding the Residence Permit

zj.gov.cn| Updated: July 27, 2016 L M S

The following points shall be noticed by aliens holding the Residence Permit:
Aliens who need to prolong their stay or residence in China beyond the expiration of their visas or residence certificates should apply for an extension before the expiration of their visas or certificates.
Chinese authorities in charge of public health, when discovering aliens, during their stay in China, to be afflicted with diseases specified in sub-paragraph 4 of Article 7 of the Rules Governing the Implementation of the Law of the People’s Republic of China on the Entry and Exit of Aliens may request the public security organs concerned to order them to advance their date of exit from China.
In case of any changes in the information written in an alien’s residence permit (such as name, nationality, occupation, status, place of work, address, passport number and accompanying children), the holder of the permit shall, within 10 days, register such changes with the public security bureau at the place of his/her residence.
The holder of an alien’s residence permit who wishes to move out of the city or county of residence shall, before moving, register the move with the public security bureau at the original place of residence and shall, within 10 days of arrival at the new place of residence, register the move-in with the public security bureau at the new place of residence.
An alien residing permanently in China who wishes to apply for a change of residence shall apply in advance to the public security bureau at the new place of residence for a certificate permitting the move-in and register the move on the strength of the certificate in accordance with the provisions of the previous paragraph.
For the sake of national security, public order or other public interests, a city or county public security bureau may declare certain areas out of bounds for the establishment of residences or offices by aliens or foreign institutions. Residences and offices that have already been established in these restricted areas shall be moved to non-restricted areas within the time limit prescribed in the notice of moving issued by the city or county public security bureau.
Aliens residing permanently in China shall, once every year and at a prescribed time, submit their residence permits for examination to the public security bureau at their place of residence. The public security bureau may, when necessary, notify an alien to submit his/her residence permit to the exit-and-entry department for examination, and the alien shall do so at the time prescribed in the notice.
Aliens at the age of 16 and upwards who reside or stay in China shall carry with them their residence certificates or passports for possible examination by police in charge of foreign affairs.
The parents of an alien infant born in China or their agent shall, within one month after its birth, report to the local public security bureau with the birth certificate and complete registration procedures.
When an alien dies in China, his/her family members or guardian or agent shall, within 3 days of the death, report to the local public security bureau with the death certificate and hand in the deceased’s residence certificate or visa for cancellation.
In case of an unnatural death of an alien, the persons concerned or the discoverer shall promptly report to the public security organ.