Keenon Robotics advances global presence with strategic expansion

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2024-04-30

Keenon Robotics, a leading provider of robotics services and solutions headquartered in Pudong New Area, is pushing forward with a dynamic global expansion.

In 2022, the company opened three international branches in Europe and America, marking a significant milestone in its efforts to extend its reach globally.

The company's product lineup includes advanced cleaning and delivery robots, already operational in sectors such as catering, healthcare, and hospitality.

"For a technology product to succeed internationally, it must have certifications that comply with local sales regulations. In our first year of expanding overseas, we obtained over sixty types of certifications," said Wan Bin. "When we were uncertain about what to do, we sought help from some supervisory bodies in Pudong, who supported us wholeheartedly."

Keenon Robotics commenced its international venture by securing over 60 types of international certifications, aligning with global market standards. "Our initial challenge was navigating through global regulations. Thanks to strong support from local authorities in Pudong, we quickly met our initial objectives," said Wan Bin, chief operating officer of Keenon Robotics.

Part of Keenon's expansion strategy includes forging partnerships with global industry leaders like SoftBank Robotics and Hyundai Robotics. These alliances are critical for adapting and promoting Keenon's products in new markets.

Keenon Robotics fully utilizes the rich data resources from China's service sector to accelerate the iteration and optimization of AI algorithms, continuously enhancing the intelligence level of its robots.

"With today's focus on new productive forces, China possesses the entire electromechanical industry, enabling our robot body manufacturing to offer high cost-effectiveness and a complete ecosystem," said Tang Xuanlai, chief technology officer of Keenon Robotics.

The company tailors its strategies to meet the diverse needs of various international markets, ensuring each robot undergoes extensive testing for durability and reliability. This commitment to quality is setting new industry standards for commercial service robots, positioning Keenon Robotics as a symbol of innovation, efficiency, and outstanding performance worldwide.


Keenon Robotics in Pudong New Area, East China's Shanghai. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]