Intuitive Fosun advances localized surgical robotics

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2024-03-27

The Ion bronchial navigation control system of Intuitive Fosun, a company dedicated to innovation in precision medicine, has recently received approval from the National Medical Products Administration.

This innovative system, designed to integrate perfectly with an array of bronchial navigation tools, utilizes patient CT scans to craft three-dimensional lung models and pathways, significantly enhancing the accuracy of lung tissue navigation and positioning in adults.

Intuitive Fosun, a joint venture between Intuitive Surgical of the United States and Shanghai Fosun Pharmaceutical, is situated in Pudong, Shanghai. The company aims to revolutionize surgical diagnostics and treatments in China with safe, effective solutions.

The approval of the Ion system is a leap forward in Intuitive Fosun's mission to build a localized surgical robot ecosystem, thereby making top-tier medical services more accessible across the nation.

Such innovations are pivotal in the fight against lung cancer, promising improved early diagnosis rates and, as a result, better survival outcomes.

The Ion system leverages shape-sensing technology within a flexible robotic framework, allowing surgeons to perform precise diagnostics and treatments on peripheral lung lesions.

It consists primarily of a surgeon's control console, a robotic arm platform, and PlanPoint planning software, streamlining the process of targeting lesions without manually handling a bronchoscope.

This approval signifies a transformative step in the approach to early-stage lung cancer diagnosis and treatment in China, offering a less invasive option for patient care.

Having already demonstrated its effectiveness in international markets like the United States and the United Kingdom, the Ion system has significantly improved the 5-year survival rate for thousands of lung cancer patients.


The lon system utilizes shape-sensing technology within a flexible robotic framework.  [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]