The Bund enjoys the beat on the street

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2023-09-13


The Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour was held in Shanghai on  Sep 9, 2023. [Photo provided to China Daily]

The Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour came to Shanghai on Sep 9 and the Bund was transformed into a white sandy beach. Bands and artists, including Sunset Rollercoaster, A Si, The Davinci, Matt Lv Yanliang, Aflou and Summer Vapour performed to an enthusiastic crowd obviously enjoying the experience.

While appreciating the vibrant music, other activities were also on offer and spectators could indulge in painting, knitting and other handwork.

The event was also a green endeavor and is a candidate for the Oceanic Blue's award for environment protection. Consequently, all  decoration, costumes andother facilities and props used recycled material. No plastic bottles were allowed.

The Corona Sunsets Festival World Tour will move to Shenzhen on Sept 23.

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