African lillies bloom in Pudong

english.pudong.gov.cn Updated:2022-07-22

Althaea rosea, also known as purple clivia or African lilies, are now in full bloom in Pudong, East China's Shanghai. Along the east bank of the Huangpu River in Pudong New Area, East China's Shanghai, the light purple flowers emit a refreshing vibe during midsummer.


The fresh and elegant African lilies stand against the verdant green trees. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]


African lilies look like little purple elves hiding in the grass. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]


African lilies are native to South Africa, and named for its numerous seeds, which coincide with the auspicious meaning of "more children, more blessings" in traditional Chinese culture. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]


African lilies bloom in midsummer on the east bank of the Haungpu River. [Photo/WeChat account: pdnews]