Pudong hosts BIMCO Conference and Awards Dinner

chinadaily.com.cn Updated:2019-03-01


The Copenhagen-based Baltic and International Maritime Council, the world's largest international shipping association, launches its 2019 Conference and Awards Dinner in Shanghai's Pudong New Area, on Feb 28. [Photo/pdtimes.com.cn]

The Copenhagen-based Baltic and International Maritime Council (BIMCO), the world's largest international shipping association, held its 2019 conference and awards dinner in Shanghai's Pudong New Area on Feb 28.

Established in 1905, BIMCO focuses on promoting fair business practices, facilitating the standardization of commercial shipping practices and contracts, and providing quality shipping information, services and training.

The organization has more than 2,100 members in 130 countries and regions, and controls two-thirds of the world's tonnage. Currently, nearly 65 percent of international shipping industry trade and other relative industries in the world go by BIMCO's contracts and clauses.

With officials and heavyweights from over 10 countries and regions around the world in the global shipping industry gathered to discuss crucial issues in the industry, the grand meeting returned to Shanghai for the second time three years after the first session which was held in 2016, indicating global recognition of the development of Pudong's shipping industry.

During the meeting, BIMCO announced the launch of the Asian Development and Support Center for its new system SmartCon in Pudong, as it aims to lure Chinese professional talents in information technology and navigation laws to provide solutions for the global shipping industry.

As an innovative and revolutionary new solution for editing tools developed using the latest technology from Microsoft, SmartCon is designed to make contractual work easier and more secure.

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