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Headway is made on Donghai Island-Leizhou Expressway

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-10-10

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The Tongming Sea Mega Bridge, a major project of the Donghai Island-Leizhou Expressway, finished construction on Oct 9, laying a solid foundation for the whole expressway to open for traffic in 2021.

Construction of the bridge started in October 2016. It has a total length of 5,762 meters and a tower height of 121 meters, and is the longest sea-crossing double-tower cable-stayed bridge in western Guangdong province.

The bridge also has a navigable gap suitable for 3,000-tonne seagoing vessels and can withstand force 16 super typhoons.


An aerial view of the Tongming Sea Mega Bridge. [Photo by Su Kanwen and Lin Xian/Zhanjiang Daily]

The Donghai Island-Leizhou Expressway starts from Min'an town on Donghai Island, crosses the Tongming Sea, passes through Shentang town in Leizhou, and ends at the Fenyong Hi-tech Economic Zone, with a total length of nearly 47 kilometers.

It also connects up with the Yuehai Railway that links Zhanjiang in Guangdong to Sanya in Hainan province, and the Zhanjiang-Xuwen Expressway, which is currently the only overland expressway route for people on the Chinese mainland to Hainan, an island in southern China.

After completion, the expressway is expected to be beneficial in terms of improving the regional highway network on Donghai Island and Leizhou, promoting the construction of major industrial projects in Zhanjiang, and accelerating economic development along it.

The traveling time between Donghai Island and Leizhou or Fenyong Hi-tech Economic Zone will be reduced to less than 30 minutes from the current 80 minutes.