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Zhanjiang issues measures for listed reserve enterprises

(en.zhanjiang.gov.cn) Updated: 2020-09-02

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Zhanjiang issued the management measures for the cultivation of reserve enterprises to be listed on Aug 28 to help enterprises in the city get listed.

It is also aimed to further improve the dynamic management mechanism of listed reserve enterprises, as well as to encourage enterprises to make use of the capital market and grow stronger.

Enterprises that are independent legal person enterprises registered within Zhanjiang and paying taxes in accordance with the law are eligible to apply to become a listed reserve enterprise.

They also should have a positive net profit in the last two fiscal years, with the accumulative total exceeding 5 million yuan ($733,248.51), or have an accumulated operating income of more than 100 million yuan in the last two fiscal years. Their net assets should surpass 5 million yuan at the end of the previous year.

In addition, enterprises need to meet conditions like standardized operation, good credit status, no illegal records in the past two years, as well as no bad records of financial taxes. They should also have made a listing plan.

Enterprises that are included in the listed reserve enterprise database can enjoy policies and services, such as allowances and incentives, one-to-one consultation, training, matchmaking investment, credit aids, as well as intermediary services.

Senior managers of listed reserve enterprises and talents that have made great contributions can also enjoy preferential policies at the national, provincial, and municipal levels in terms of permanent residency, family relocation, children's schooling, as well as medical insurance.