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Guide for foreign nationals applying for a Yuekang code

(GDToday) Updated: 2020-04-27

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The Yuekang code (粤康码), also called Guangdong health code (GHC) – issued through an online platform called Yueshengshi (粤省事) operated by the provincial government – has been used to avoid the repeated collection of health information and inconsistent recognition of isolation between regions by pooling information including COVID-19 screening results, registration records of entering Guangdong, health declaration records, and temperature check records.

A special version of the Yuekang code on a mobile page 'GHC' has been launched for foreign nationals, people from China's Taiwan, and people from China’s Hong Kong and Macao who have failed their ID authentication on the Yuekang code on the mini program Yueshengshi. Please notice that the mobile page Yuekang code 'GHC' is different from the Yuekang code on the mini program Yueshengshi. This guide is only for foreign nationals.