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Shaoxing PE teachers train with rope skipping world champion

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: March 15, 2024 L M S


Physical education teachers practice rope skipping in Shangyu district, Shaoxing. [Photo/Tide News]

Recently, 173 primary school physical education teachers from Shaoxing's Shangyu district attended a "Champion's Training Class" to enhance their rope skipping teaching skills.

Rope skipping is a full-body exercise that effectively improves coordination, explosiveness, speed, and endurance. Requiring only a rope, it has minimal space requirements, making it highly accessible.

Members of the Chinese National Rope Skipping Team were invited to conduct the training, including both world champion coach Zhang Bin and world record holder Duan Zhongfei, who is known as China's first "World Rope Skipping Master.”

The experts provided demonstrations of basic rope skipping techniques, focusing on individual freestyle movements. They also exchanged insights and conducted assessments on rope skipping teaching skills.

Duan, who broke the world rope skipping record at the 2021 World Rope Skipping Championships with 230 skips in 30 seconds and 1,164 skips in 3 minutes, showcased not only his speed but also the precision and effectiveness of his techniques.

"When skipping, it's crucial not to land on the heels as it can cause Achilles tendon and knee pain. Instead, land on the balls of your feet with slightly bent knees to provide cushioning," said Duan.

"Going back, we aim to not only help students enjoy the fun of physical education but also to master the skill of rope skipping," said Wang Guangjun, vice-principal of Xiaoyue Subdistrict Central Primary School.