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Transforming pig farming: The story of a Quzhou IT professional

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: February 1, 2024 L M S


Wang Xiaoshan, a former IT professional, returns to his hometown to become an entrepreneurial pig farmer. [Photo/Tidenews]

When an IT professional from a bustling city decides to return to his hometown in a mountain village to become an entrepreneurial pig farmer, what unique path will he forge? Wang Xiaoshan, a young man from Kaihua county, Quzhou, Zhejiang province, recently shared his inspiring entrepreneurial journey.

Wang attributed his decision to return to pig farming to his entrepreneurial aspirations and the influence of his father, who has served as a Party secretary of his village for many years and often shares his experiences and ideas related to rural development.

To enhance farming techniques and bring premium pork products to the market, Wang embarked on a journey of continuous learning and exploration. In 2017, he conducted extensive research in places such as Jiaxing, Chun'an, and Jinhua to study superior pig breeds and advanced pig farm management practices.

Leveraging his knowledge, he developed a "company + base + professional households + retail stores" business model, positioning his products as "premium for the masses”. Today, the "Shanxigu Ecological Pork" brand he established has a nationwide presence, boasting an annual turnover exceeding 30 million yuan ($4.18 million).

Over the years, Wang’s business has expanded the ecological pig industrial chain, from breeding pig varieties to developing value-added products.

Reflecting on his entrepreneurial journey, Wang emphasized the importance of foresight and customer-centric thinking, noting that entrepreneurship demands forward thinking, staying ahead of the curve, and always considering issues from the customer's perspective.

Looking ahead, Wang expressed his plans to integrate pig farming with cultural tourism, envisioning the launch of "Cloud Pig Farming" live streaming rooms, which would allow customers to witness the piglets' growth process.

He also aims to offer a unique opportunity for parents to adopt a piglet from his farm, thereby integrating agriculture, culture, and tourism to attract more visitors to Kaihua.