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Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town: A New Year's destination

chinadaily.com.cn| Updated: January 17, 2024 L M S

As the calendar turns to January, Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town in Tongxiang, a county-level city of Jiaxing, Zhejiang province, eagerly prepares to welcome the joyous Spring Festival with a delightful array of festivities.

From Jan 18 to Feb 24, Beiheng Street in the scenic area will be adorned with artificial snowfalls, transforming the southern water town into a uniquely romantic winter wonderland.

Adding to the allure, every Friday and Saturday from Jan 1 to 31, and from Feb 10 to 16, the stone road from Puyuan Shilang Wharf to Meijing Theater will come alive with a mesmerizing fish lantern parade, illuminating the ancient streets with festive lights and carrying good wishes.

Within the Zen Hall area, a cultural spectacle awaits from Chinese New Year's Eve to the seventh day of the first lunar month – striking iron flowers performances on water, showcasing the epitome of traditional culture.

In addition, a New Year Market has been set up in the scenic area since Jan 1, where visitors can indulge in the purchase of various other New Year's goods. Additionally, starting from Feb 9, the late-night cafeteria of Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town will open its doors, treating guests to specialties from across China.


Tourists enjoy the artificial snowfall at the Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town. [Photo/jiaxingren.com]


A fish lantern parade is held at the Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town. [Photo/jiaxingren.com]


A striking iron flowers performance on water is staged at the Puyuan Fashion Ancient Town. [Photo/jiaxingren.com]