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'The Love We Share' a musical ode to unity, aspiration at Hangzhou Asian Games

www.ehangzhou.gov.cn| Updated: August 4, 2023 L M S

The music video of The Love We Share, the promotional song of Hangzhou Asian Games. [Video/hangzhou2022.cn]

In celebration of unity and shared aspirations, the promotional song of the Hangzhou Asian Games, The Love We Share, has unveiled its music video on Aug 3, local media outlets reported.

Centered around the concept of an "Asian community with a shared future,” the composition of the song was a testament to its deep and layered meaning. The title has a number of meanings. It not only reflects the geographical and historical bonds that tie Asia together but also reveals the deep and affectionate friendship among the Asian populace, who stand united with love.

The melody of the song is grand, uplifting, and progressively layered, accompanied by symphonic orchestration and children's choir, building up to an emotionally charged climax that exudes a powerful artistic resonance.

The newly-unveiled music video showcases iconic landscapes and breathtaking panoramas from various corners of Asia, capturing the unity of people with different skin tones and from different regions, all coming together as one big "Asian family."