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Fu Binxing becomes president of Huace Group

ezhejiang.gov.cn| Updated: January 12, 2022 L M S

mother and daughter.jpg

Fu Binxing (front, right) and her mother Zhao Yifang visit the crew for A Writer's Odyssey. [Photo/zj.zjol.com.cn]

On Jan 10, Fu Binxing, daughter of the co-founders of Huace Group, was appointed president of the Hangzhou-based film and television production giant in a move widely seen as a precursor to succeeding her parents.

In the meantime, the father Fu Meicheng was relieved of the group's chairperson, while the mother Zhao Yifang has assumed the chairperson post and resigned as the group's president.

Founded in 2005, Huace Group was listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange in October 2010, becoming China's first listed company that specializes in producing TV series.

As an important culture exporter in recent years, Huace has managed to broadcast over 100,000 hours of Chinese television series and films in 180-plus countries and regions in the world.

Born in 1984, Fu Binxing holds a bachelor's degree in accounting and management at the University of Bristol in the United Kingdom and a master's degree in film business at the Cass Business School (the present-day Bayes Business School), City University of London.

After returning to China in 2007, Fu Binxing has been managing Huace's various projects and businesses.

As the leader of Huace Pictures, a film-focused business division established in 2014, Fu Binxing helped the company achieved a stellar performance, including steering the production of the blockbuster film A Writer's Odyssey, which grossed over one billion yuan ($157 million) in box offices last year.

Huace Pictures.jpg

At a news conference in March 2021, Huace Pictures announced a three-year plan to present 30 films. [Photo/zj.zjol.com.cn]

In recent years, Zhejiang, a leading force in China's private-sector economy, has witnessed a tide of successions by the second-generation leaders of privately owned companies.

Last month, 39-year-old Zong Fuli succeeded her 76-year-old father Zong Qinghou's position as general manager of Hangzhou Wahaha Group, a leading beverage manufacturer in China.


Fu Binxing (left) and famed Hong Kong movie director Peter Chan (right) are pictured at the 16th Chinese Film Media Awards ceremony in November 2016. [Photo/zj.zjol.com.cn]