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​Mao Dun

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矛盾.jpgMao Dun (1896–1981), courtesy name Yanbing, was the pen name of Shen Dehong. As a native of Tongxiang in Jiaxing, Zhejiang, he was the author of modern Chinese literature as well as the literary critic. His pseudonyms were Mao Dun ("Contradiction"), Xuanzhu, Fangbi, Zhijing, Pulao, Xingtian, etc. Shi ("Eclipse"), the first novel written by Mao Dun, was composed of the trilogy, namely Huanmie ("Disillusion"), Dongyao ("Swaying"), and Zhuiqiu ("Pursuing"). His famous works include Ziye ("Midnight"), Rural Trilogy, namely Chuncan ( "Spring Silkworms" ), Qiushou ("Autumn Harvest") and Candong ("Winter Ruin"), as well as Linjia Puzi ("The Shop of the Lin Family"). In addition, Mao Dun also published Xiyang Wenxue Tonglun ("A Study of Western Literature Theories"). He was appointed as the Minister of Culture of the country when the People's Republic of China was founded in October, 1949.